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How to use RSYNC

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Linux-Scripts, Redhat

How do I use rsync command?

if you would like to sync’d between www1 and www2(master) servers, type the following command on www1 server:rsync -avrR --links --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh WWW2:/var/html/ /var/htmlWhere,

  • -avrR : archive mode (a), verbose (v), recurse into directories (r), use relative path names (R) [ I did not use R in my scripts for simplicity ]
  • –links : copy symlinks as symlinks
  • –delete                delete files that dont exist on master
    –rsh=/usr/bin/ssh : Use to specify the remote shell ssh to use (secure copy).
  • WWW2:/var/html/ : WWW2 server IP address and path to synchronize to www1 server
  • /var/html : WWW1 server path

A sample shell script for same job


rsync -avr --links --delete --rsh=$SSH $MASTER:$DIR $LDIR