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Was looking for solution to increase the persistent disk space for a user today who was running out of space. I am using view 4.5 . Very easy to set the configuration to reflect the new size is future deployment of a pool . But need to do some manual work for already provisioned VM . It will a bit of pain if you already have few vm deployed already. Not sure if there is any work around but will check in future.

To start with the pool needs to be changed if all future pool machines need to selected HDD  , do the following .

1. Login to the VMware View Administrator.
2. Select the pools from the ‘Inventory.
3. Select Edit from the top menu tabs
4. Under View Composer Disk change the value of Persistent disk size to the required value
5. Click OK

From now on any new deployed vm will get the edited Persistent HDD size.However already provisioned VM from that pool will still have the old persistent HDD.Do the following fow those VM.

1. Login to the vSphere Client
2. Select the virtual machine that needs to be changed and right click selecting Edit Settings…
4. Select the Hard disk that is the current persistent disk. Make sure you are changing the right HDD . You can double check the HDD name from Vmware View Administrator console.
5. In the Disk Provisioning section change the Provisioned Size to the required size
6. Click OK.

Now restart the virtual machine and login to this with a username that got Administrative right.Then do the following.

1. Click Start and the right click on Computer selecting Manage
6. Select Disk Management
7. Select the disk to be change and right click selecting Extend Volume…
8. Click Next
9. Click Next
10. Click Finish
11. Close the window and logoff the machine

Now check the Persistent disk space from my computer to make sure you are getting the right HDD size.