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In VMware View virtual machines running Windows 7, you experience these symptom:
  • When configuring dual monitors¬†using the PCoIP protocol, the display does not span both the monitors.
  • The display appears only in one half of each monitor.
  • The other half of the monitors is rendered blank.
  • This issue does not occur when using the RDP protocol.


To resolve this issue:
  1. In the desktop pool settings, ensure that the maximum number of monitors and the maximum resolution are selected.
  2. Ensure that the resolution of the monitors being used on the client machine is within the maximum resolution selected under the desktop pool settings. If the resolution of the monitor is higher, increase the resolution for the virtual machine. For more information, see Adding video resolution modes to Windows guest operating systems (1003).
  3. Run the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe) on the Windows 7 virtual machine and ensure that the No GUI boot and Base Video options are deselected.
  4. Restart the virtual machine.

Ref : Vmware