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Problem :

I dont use CUPS for printing that much but I have to set it up for some of our development guys . It was working ok and I am kinda start loving it 😦 . Hence one of the server is comming up with error while printing . It is basically comming as “Segmentation Fault”

I got more error from the following location .


localhost – root [05/Aug/2010:11:05:06 +1000] “POST /printers/AUHOPRN01 HTTP/1.1” 200 18602 Print-Job client-error-not-possible
localhost – root [05/Aug/2010:11:05:06 +1000] “POST /classes/AUHOPRN01 HTTP/1.1” 200 18601 Print-Job client-error-not-possible

Solution :

Tried to restart Cups to get rid of the problem but it was failing each time .Then I have cleared the queue  with: sudo lprm – and it starts working ok .

Still need to find out more . This is for a heads up.