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Problem :

I experience this snapshot error with VEEAM backup and replication. For both  the error ,one single solution worked for me .

Error :

1) Consolidating virtual machine snapshots fails with the error: Change tracking target file already exists 


2) Creating Snapshot failed : The virtual disk is either corrupted or not a supported format.


Resolution :

To resolve this issue, the CBT files need to be moved out of the working folder of the affected virtual machine(s).

To move the CBT files and consolidate snapshots:
  1. Connect to the ESXi host that the virtual machine is running on using SSH.
  2. Navigate to the virtual machine folder using this command:

    cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore/virtual_machine/

  3. List the contents of the directory using the ls command and look for .ctk files.
  4. Create a temporary directory for the CBT files.

    For example:

    mkdir tmp

  5. Move the CBT files to this directory with this command:

    mv *-ctk.vmdk tmp/

  6. Run the snapshot  again.

Error :

I was trying to take snapshot of one of my VM and after a while it is comming up with an error “Canot Take snapshot , Another task in progress”

Solution :

U have tried with server thing according to VM Community but one that works for me to to do the following .

Restart Vmware Management service from ESX console. And it was solved

[root@uesx03]# /etc/init.d/mgmt-vmware restart