Allow New VLAN for fujitsu blade and Cisco core switch

Posted: June 20, 2013 in CISCO, Misc
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1 – Allow the vlan to the physical interface on Cisco core switch ( Find out what ports and port channel are use for uplink from Blade switch ) ( eg gi3/45,gi4/45,gi5/45 )

– switchport trunk allowed vlan add XXX

-Add it to the port-channel that the interface is in (same command as above)

2 – Create the VLAN on blade switch ( if not already exists ). Exam ple below to add vlan 110 :

– (AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)#conf

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Config)#vlan dat

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Vlan)#vlan 110

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Vlan)#vlan name 110 User110


3 – Allow the VLAN  on interface range

-(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Config)#int range 0/1 – 0/48
(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(if-range)#sw allowed vlan add 110
(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(if-range)#sw tagg 110


4 – Allow and tag the vlan on port channel .

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Config)#int 1/1

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Interface AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07/1/1)#sw allowed vlan add 110

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Interface AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07/1/1)#sw tagg 110

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)(Interface AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07/1/1)#exit


5- Copy the config

(AUGS-PCHAS02-SW07)#copy run start
Configuration Saved!


  1. Heather says:

    “Allow New VLAN for fujitsu blade and Cisco core switch | Mohammad Alam
    – K’Base” was a very awesome blog post, . I hope you keep authoring and I’ll try to
    continue browsing! Thanks a lot -Demetria

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