Cannot svmotion of an VM… Linked clone error Occured.

Posted: February 3, 2011 in VMware
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when I was trying  to do a storage vmotion ; vmware say that the machine has “virtual disk in link-cloned mode that prevent migration”. Checking in the datastore for those VM I’ve found some xxxxxx-0000x.vmdk and xxxxxx-0000x-ctl.vmdk files.The strange thing is I could not see any Spanshot in the snapshoy Manager .

Linked clone error












I’ve tested a “cold” migration of the disks but it seems that VMWARE cannot migrate the storage of those VM in any way.

Solution :

Took another Snapshot and as soon I did that I can see the old snapshot hanging there !! Check out the Below Image .

Then I just delete all snapshot and was able to do the SVMOTION again .

Snapshot Manager status after Taking one dummy snapshot


















After Some research on Vmware KB and blogs I came accross with the following reasonfor this error . It seems that after I svmotion VM between 2 different Datastore  the VM is linked to the new datastore but also to the old datastore so I cannot vmotion again. As soon as I just create a snapshot the VM lose the “link” to the old datastore.Then when I delete all snapshot it basically delete the link as well.


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