VMware: How to downgrade VM hardware level 7 to 4

Posted: July 7, 2010 in VMware

After some problems with my ESX 4.0 host I want to move some critical VM’s to my ESX 3.5 u4 host.. but my upgraded hardware level (7) is not compatible with my ESX 3.5 u5 host. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to perform this downgrade:

I want to downgrade my Windows 2008 64-bit with XenApp 6 with hardware level 7 to hardware level 4.


Time to downgrade:

Download and start: VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.0.1


– Click: Convert Machine


– 1.Specify Source: Select: “VMware Infrastructure Virtual Machine” and specify connection information. In my case: I connect directly to my vCenter for converting the VM


1. Specify Source: Select the VM you want to migrate (downgrade), in my case VM: VMPROS_XENAPP6


2. Specify Destination: You can connect the remote ESX host or vCenter. In my case (for this blogpost) I’ll migrate to the same vCenter and the same ESX 4 host


2. Specify Destination Host/Resouce: Now you need to choose the correct Virtual Machine Version (hardware level), select Version 4 and specify a new Virtual Machine Name: VMPROS_XENAPP_HW_4. Select also the new destination by clicking the dropdown box “Datastore”



3. View/Edit Options: You can edit the VM settings before you migrate the host with the new hardware level. I won’t change anything so click next


4. Ready to Complete: Check Check double Check > Finish


Busy with migration, time remaining 50 (Microsoft) minutes


Finished in 13 minutes, transfer rate: 16.7 MB/sec on local storage


Final result is VM Version 4

Ref : http://blog.vmpros.nl


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