Scalix – ERROR Maximum number of IMAP connections exceeded

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Misc

WARNING IMAP Server Da(IMAP Server Pr) 03.02.10 12:21:42
[OM.DMON 2107] Maximum number of IMAP connections exceeded

After googling the error I got the following solution on scalix forum

Basicaly it ask to increase the imap connection limit from 500 .

made the change on the followng file


IMAP_CONNECTION_LIMIT=800 — > changed from 500 to 800
# The IMAP_IDLE_TIMEOUT tweak is the maximum time an IMAP connection
# will wait for a command before terminating the connection. The default
# setting, and the minimum required setting, is thirty minutes. Some
# clients will “refresh” their connection once every thirty minutes
# exactly — but if they are a little bit late, the server drops their
# connection. Setting a timeout of 31 minutes avoids this problem.
IMAP_IDLE_TIMEOUT=10 ——> From 31 to 10 Minites .


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