Redhat – Automatic GDM(Gnome Desktop) login

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Redhat

This Article will allow to automatic root login to GDM Desktop.
This is a big security issue and dont try this unless you really need it.

1) The main Tool I have used is gdmsetup.
2) Create an username ie mohammada
3) edit the password file and make the following change :
mohammada:x:0:0::/home/mohammada:/bin/bash [after x: made it 0:0]
4) Check the ownership of /home/mohammada folder .
5) it should be ownership with mohammada
6) type gdmsetup in GUI console and it will come up with a Graphical Screen.
* Go to Users TAB and check Include all user from /etc/passwd file
* Click on Security TAB and check Enable auto login and select user mohammada from dropdown box.
* close and you are done
7) reboot the pc and see it can go straight to GDM desktop without password .

Agin be careful using that as it allows root to login without password.


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